Use FastFig in a Blog / Embed a FastFig Document?


Step 1:  Create a document you want to share.  

Step 2: Select the "Share Button" in the upper right


Step 3: Select "Embed" from the drop down


Step 4: Using the controls decide what dimensions (in pixels) you would like your FastFig document to be on your site.  (This may take some experimentation).


Step 5: The HTML iFrame code is already highlighted for you.  Copy it to your clipboard.

Step 6: Paste the HTML code you copied in Step 5 into your blog, website, or other application that accepts HTML snippets.




Blogs, LMS Systems, website applications, and others use a variety of methods for pasting HTML snippets such as this.  Follow those products instructions as each site is unique.  Hint: Searching the web for "How to input HTML into _______" can often be more helpful than the original instructions from those products. 






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