Edit a Photo or Image?


Step 1: Upload or choose from the gallery an image to place (or already placed) in your document. (Instructions Here

Step 2: Select the "Pencil Button" in the upper right of the image:


Step 3: You will enter the editing window. Select one of the editing tools from the tool bar. Be sure to notice the arrows on the left and right, they offer more editing tools for you to access.


Step 4: Use a tool to edit your photo. Once you are happy with the changes press "Apply" in the upper right corner. 

Repeat this with as many tools as you like. Press "Apply" to keep your changes and access another tool.  Press "Cancel" to erase your changes from the current tool and access another tool. 

Text tool:

Frame Tool:


Step 5: When you are done editing press "Save" in the upper right corner of the main tool choosing screen.  This will bake all your edits into your image. 


Step 6: Close the Photo Editing Window to return to your document. Use the X in the upper right corner. 

Continue using your FastFig document as normal. 





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