Share a page?


Step 1: Click the share button in the upper right corner of the top bar

Step 2: Choose how you woud like to share the document:

Selecting "E-Mail" will create an e-mail for you with a link to the current document.  it will use your default e-mail program.  

Selecting "Facebook" or "Twitter" will share your document on your social media platform.  Follow the on-screen instructions.  

Selecting "Embed" will give you an embeddable HMTL snippet.  The Instructions for embedding are Here.

To share elsewhere, copy the unique link that appears at the bottom (It will appear pre-highlighted for you), and paste it whereever you want.  This link will give others access to your document, just like the other options. 



Remember! Anytime you share a document others will be able to see your page and everything that appears on it.  

However, they CANNOT change your original in any way, your work on your account is secure.  


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